Born on the Eastern edge of Georgia's belt buckle and raised in the Northern valley of Alabama's foothills I am anything but from the South. Except for maybe the way I say y'all all the time, and the way I think you should still hold a door open for a woman, other than that I'm a Texan. Or, okay, I feel I've been adopted by Texas. And anyone who tells you that Texas is part of the South is a damn fool. Texas doesn't fit in your geographical box, it's a bigger state of mind.

My work, much like my life, is a slow progression over time of learning how to deal with change and more importantly how to embrace my feelings of change. But what I've learned, or at least think I'm learning, is how not all change is equal. There are external forces that cause us to change without our consent, and there are decisions we make because we willfully welcome the change. And neither one is able to be judged right or wrong, good or bad, but simply accepted.

Like the small suburban subculture in which I was raised, my work is simple in nature. I hold on to the values which were instilled in me from a young age, and feel I'm always trying to rekindle the kid in me. But like the shedding of old skin, there is a lot I have to let go of in order to get there. My process looks more like a hot mess of mistakes and accidents than one smooth line. To trust your gut and go with a feeling requires years of experience and the testing of ones soul. Getting over yourself is hard work.

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