influence can never be bought

“Nothing is ever finished, only surrendered.”

The secret to life is just showing up.

I regard my work as an evolution. A constant turning and unfolding of new forms and new expressions. I believe everything I do starts with me, first, and then moves outward from there. I can’t begin to understand the weight of the world if I don’t first spend time with my own heavy body. Each moment a continual process of learning how to sit with and welcome change. In full transparency these are the obstacles I face day-to-day:

  1. overthinking

  2. moving beyond the limitations of my own imagination

  3. trusting my gut

Yet when I open my eyes in the morning I am filled with new possibilities. The greatest way to lose hope I found is to think every day is the same as the last. It can’t possibly be true. The things we pay no mind to are those things in us that are most quietly screaming for our attention.

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