The value of living local

These past 4 years have been a struggle for me to appreciate what I have. In the back of my mind I have been preparing to move on and start fresh. And how can anyone truly value the present if they're always worrying about the future? But as my wife and I continue to press in to our local community around us, we are finding real value in staying put. Now as I sit in my home I can look out the back window and appreciate the tree in full fall splendor, because I remember when we first moved in it was much smaller. Or now when I walk down to the local coffee shop I appreciate the beauty of the life that surrounds me. I used to think in order to be happy I needed to start over. But roots will never grow if you keep ripping them out and replanting them every few years. I am thankful for the grace of God that sustains me and the wisdom of my wife that challenges me. So I would like to challenge you in the same way if you're feeling anxious about moving or uncertain of where you are. One, stop and pray. Two, maybe it's not the place you're living that's the problem. Three, finding community around you that loves and supports you is incredibly important.

When I stopped looking at the next step and started appreciating where we are, I found value in everything around me. I can only take it one day at a time. And who knows what God has planned for Amanda and I these next few years. Whatever it is I can trust Him to give us peace about it and prepare the way.