Freelance Week 07

Here are some thing I learned this past week: 1. I'm a simple dude - I enjoy the simple things in life

2. I'm getting older - I can't be out all night

3. Time with my family is greater than all else

I was in a bit of a holding pattern with client work this past week. So I took the initiative to spend time with Amanda. She helped me get some photos of our sick new Folly shirts. Also, I took a short trip to Austin for the Dribbble meetup down there. Good times seeing Phil, Dave, Trent, Raygun, Sean, Gerren and meeting so many other awesome folks. I like being able to connect names with faces, but I'm still horrible with remembering names. So I apologize in advance if I forget next time we meet.

Up early this morning to focus on the day ahead of me. Coffee, check. I have a feeling it's going to be a long week. Along with getting back to a normal routine with client work I also have to arrange and hang my upcoming show at Union Bear for their grand opening. The Circle Meetups is on Friday. Then I have to finish hanging my instagram prints at the coffee shop this morning.

All in all things are going better than expected. Why didn't I do this sooner, I keep telling myself. But I'm reminded that each new day is a walk of faith. I can't see what tomorrow will bring. So I'm gonna give it my all while I still can. And it's from this place that I hope to create some sort of lasting change. Hope you have a great week. Stay creative!