Dallas City Mural

Concept, Design + Execution of new mural along the Trinity Strand Trail

When I was first contacted about the idea of a new mural along the Trinity Strand Trail I was pretty stoked. But not until I saw the mass amount of concrete wall stretched out before me did I really feel it in my bones.

I went home that day and sketched out a couple concepts for what I would like to paint on the walls. Both were inspired by Texas culture. One, being the take on the famous JFK quote, and the other being a play on the Texas revolution quote "Come and Take It".


One of the biggest challenges to overcome was figuring out the best way to get the design on the wall in the correct proportion and perspective. My original idea was to use a giant pounce pattern, but that ended up being way over budget. So I turned to the only other method I've used before, a simple projector. But this time I used a short throw projector and it was the perfect tool for the job. I was able to project the full 16' height of the wall from only about 8' away.



After 4 days of climbing on the scaffolding I took a step back and couldn't believe that what was once a small idea on paper was now a larger than life mural. I was at once relieved and exhausted.

But this mural is more than just about me. It speaks to the greater community that I live with here in Dallas. Calling us all to be active participants in making our city a better place to live, not just simple consumers of what our city offers.