a shared culture

If you're not already familiar with creative commons then I recommend you check them out. I first learned about them last year in a web design class when my teacher referred them as the best source for using photography in your projects without infringing on anyone's personal copyright. I use Creative Commons all the time on my flickr account. It's wonderful too because it opens the door to the whole creative community to take what another person has done, whether it be a photograph or a movie, and build upon it and transform it into something else. And it is this focus on community that really draws me in to help support them.

Communities that develop around content and the sharing enable these communities to come together.

Creative Commons is in the midst of its 2008 fundraising campaign. If you would like to find out how you can support them please visit their support site. To celebrate the campaign, Creative Commons has released “A Shared Culture,” a short video by renowned filmmaker Jesse Dylan.