Taming Your Tweets

I was reminded today of how much power our words hold. A simple personal opinion on twitter today really stirred the waters in the creative community. I think the whole thing got out of hand honestly.

Basically we need to put our pride aside and embrace the creative community as a whole. There are no "groups" or "cliques" here at Chat Creative. We are open to anyone interested in connecting with other creative people.

My stance from the beginning of Chat Creative is that this is nothing new. People have been sharing thoughts, ideas and information for hundreds of years. Only with the internet and the recent rise of social networking has our scope of who we can reach broadened. I don't mind promoting others out there with similar ideas, and I hope they would be willing to promote us as well.

So let's put ourselves aside for a second and look at the bigger picture of what we're trying to accomplish. I'm positive that when we do this we will see how we can work together, instead of against.