Chair and Microphone, Vol. 4

Front Cover

Inside Left

Inside Right

Back Cover


The Chair and Microphone series from Enter the Worship Circle are as unique as each artist that is featured. I was honored to be a part of the creative process for Volume 4. Working with Ben Pasley and Tim Coons (the featured musician) was a joy. I had a ton of creative freedom right from the start. Some of you may remember the initial concept I posted on dribbble. Well that came from listening to some of the rough mixes of Tim's songs. I really felt a theme of surrender and water from Tim's music. The story of Moses parting the Red Sea kept coming to mind.

Based on the past three chair and microphone albums I knew everything had to be done by hand. And that made me feel all tingly inside. If you didn't know already, I'm a huge fan of the DIY/Hand-crafted style. So I started with some soft sketches on post-it notes and sketch books. After receiving feedback I moved into Illustrator and started my refining process. The whole project went pretty seamless and I'm very proud of how it all turned out.


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