Fireshop or Photoworks

Quite frankly I'm tired of the ongoing debate over whether a designer should use Photoshop or Fireworks. They are only one tool a designer carriers in his/her design toolbox. So why then do we continue to stay in our corners defending the reputation of one app over another? An app is an app is an app. Meaning, if you've got the goods to make the hotness then it shouldn't matter what app you're using to design with. I read an article this morning on a very popular design blog telling us why we should "stick with" Photoshop. I'm sure the author has all the best intentions in the world, but comes across quite naive in my opinion. The sum of the article wasn't even a good one, arguing why we should design with photoshop instead of in the markup. I feel like that's comparing apples with a top sirloin steak. They aren't even in the same food group.

At the end of the day we just have to use what works for us. Design is not about choosing sides in “defense” of one particular app. Design is about making the best visual decisions to help communicate the message of our clients.