Freelance Week 02

Here are a few things I learned this week:

1. Asking how I can serve is just as important as asking how I can succeed

2. Show people what you're proud of, save the rest to remind you where you came from

3. 99% of Instagram comments are just fluff

This week I've seen a huge increase in work requests. It's such a blessing to be only two weeks in to working for myself full-time and already have more folks wanting to work with me than I have time for. Now, it's all about time management and keeping a close eye on my schedule. Where would I be without calendar reminders?

Have you ever had a conversation before where you verbalize something you'd only ever felt and then it becomes more clear after you say it? Well I had two conversations like that this past week. One was with a good friend who just graduated from school. Like any good designer starting out he wants to showcase his best work, but at the same time is conflicted by all this other work in his portfolio. I bet you can remember that time in your own journey, I know I do. My advice was simply this, only showcase work you want to get in return. Meaning, if you want to do illustration work then your portfolio better showcase your drawing skills, and if you want to focus on print design then you should probably have some examples of prints you made.

One last thing, if the environment you work in does not fulfill the desires of your heart, remember it was never intended to. We are more than what we do. But at the same time, we all have a calling in our lives. So make the most of your down time. If you aren't happy where you're at, then start making a plan on how you can change that. Don't wait around for a hand-out.