Freelance Week 08

This past week felt like a I was caught in a whirlwind. The week started really strong then I ended up catching some weird 24-hour flu bug, but it all ended on a high-note when I installed my new show at Union Bear for their grand opening. If you live in Dallas you should check out the art space downstairs. Here are a few things that I learned through all the craziness this past week:

1. Learning to separate my work feelings and personal feelings is hard work

2. Making people a priority in my life is the key to living a healthy life

3. Give a damn about the work you do

The latter of these three lessons is one I find a continual challenge. Maybe you can relate, but whenever I have worked for someone else I found myself wanting to do the bear minimum just to get by. It was always a struggle to dig down deep and find some passion for what I was working on. But now that I'm out on my own it's like I have nothing but passion to wake me up and put food on my table.

Something I want to continue to reflect on is this: Is the work I'm doing today going to make a difference tomorrow? Or is the work I'm doing now just that... work. Ultimately God can take any situation, however mundane, and sanctify it. That's the beauty of grace. So it frees me to just live and work and love throughout my life without the added stress of if I'm where I think I should be.

So whether you're where you think you should be today, don't worry, this life is meant to be a journey. Stop looking over your shoulder and stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on the road ahead and don't be too prideful to stop and ask for help every once in a while. We're more alike than we are different. Hope you have a great week.