I Am the Church

What's the most common question we Christians ask? Where do you go to church?

It's a simple, yet loaded, question.

We aren't really asking where you go, but why aren't you going to my church.

We've been deceived by our traditions that where we "go" is who we "are".

I have a hard time accepting this as truth.

I've given up "going" to church. This journey I've been on for the past 10 years has led me to one place, I am the church. I didn't get here by striving and working, but by resting and trusting. It hasn't always been easy though. I've had to fight through a lot of anger and resentment. I've struggled with finding new language to try and explain this place I'm in. And I've often times felt alone. All I know now is that I am loved and it has nothing to do with where I go or what I do.

Props to my friend Julie for inspiring me to draw this today.