Freelance Week 16

On Life

Life is better lived when you have friends and family to share it with. Someone once said that no man is an island, and they were right. We can't survive out here on our own. We were created for relationship. Not that you have to be a social butterfly or anything, but in my experience having a few people who you can really trust in and invest in make all the difference in life. I'm talking people who know your shit (excuse my language) and still love you regardless. Those are the types of relationships I'm talking about.

On Work

The meaning of work is shifting in my life. I do it because I love it, not because I have to provide. In the past I would've been totally stressed out with managing five different projects in one week. But now I see that challenge as part of the fun. Setting a schedule. Making deadlines. Communicating with my clients. That's all part of the fun. My suggestion to anyone looking at working for themselves, don't do it if you don't like to work hard.

On Faith

The glue that holds it all together. But what is "it" exactly? Sometimes I feel like I don't know the answer to that question. Is it my life? Is it my family? Is it my work? I think it's bigger than that. It's bigger than you or I. Faith can move mountains, at least that's what I've read. But I think it takes us giving up our understanding to receive the peace that passes understanding. I feel like that's when faith can have its way in our lives, only when we step out of the way.