Christian Labels

We've put our labels on music, art, design, radio, television, plumbing, real estate, t-shirts, active sports, posters, books, education, government, shall I go on? You get the point. Here are some things I've yet to see "Christian" labels on, but are things still created by God. Sex, Water, Air. Honestly, there isn't much left that we haven't put our dirty paws on. And those that do remain I feel are basic essential to living. I mean, who would really watch "Christian" porn? Or who would really buy "Christian" bottled water? I hope you see how ridiculous those last two statements were.

I guess I just want to ask the question, "Why do we feel the need to separate ourselves by putting a Christian label on what we do?" It reminds me of that popular Portlandia skit, "Put a Bird on It." And in the same way that the "bird" is a marketing tool, so too is "Christian" when applied to anything other than a person.