Keeping up with myself

I'm glad there aren't more hours in a day. It forces me to be picky with when and where I choose to spend my time. Of course, I don't always make the best choices. Sometimes I spend too much time at work, or sometimes I spend too much time laying in bed when I know I should be up already. Whatever the case may be, it helps me keep things in perspective when I know today is all I am promised. Tomorrow may not come, and all the better if it didn't. But we get caught in the routine of life and find comfort in those things we think we control. But is anything really under our control? Or is there a greater force at work behind the scenes? One of my biggest challenges is being content. Contentment is hard for an artist. Ever-seeking and never satisfied with the current state of things. There is always something else to create. But we have had the answer staring us in the face the whole time. You don't even have to flip the pages that far. In the first book of Genesis we find God hard at work creating everything from the heavens and setting the stars in them to us, both man and woman, from the dust of the ground. God worked his butt off for six solid days. But then what happened next is so huge that it requires great focus and determination, He rested. God stood back, I imagine with arms crossed and a great smile stretched across his face, and saw that what He had made was good.

It was good. It is still good. It will forever remain to be good.

Resting isn't being lazy. Resting is the promise we receive by faith to believe what the Father has spoken and trusting Him to provide all the while continuing to live and work and love. I still have a hard time seeing the grey areas in life. I have strong opinions that are either black or white. So this concept of rest being a simple promise that I can live in but still work hasn't been the easiest thing to wrap my head around. I guess it's still got my head in a whirlwind. That's okay though. God doesn't need me to always understand his words, just believe them and receive them. So I believe in the promise of His rest.

... All of that to say these past couple weeks have been off the wall. I'm keeping really busy with a few different projects and still finding time to spend with my wife and friends. WELD continues to inspire and encourage me. Not only is it the best co-working spot in Dallas, it brings in new and exciting people all the time. I'm excited to be a part of what's happening now and in the future. The next four months are going to be full of new and fun adventures for me. I can't wait to walk through them and see how the actual experience compares to the thought of them all now. Surely it will be greater than I imagine. Thank you, again, to everyone out there who continues to read these posts. I always love to read your comments.

Work hard. Trust God. Enjoy life.