Friday - Food for Thought

I know Fridays are notorious for being the worst time to post anything online. But whatever, I want to try my hand at a new series of short, to-the-point posts about things that I've learned, struggled with and was inspired by over the previous 5 days. It might be silly, serious or just down right vulnerable. Whatever the outcome, I hope it inspires you.

Things I'm learning

- Communication is key. All the time. Learning that my communicating is not so much about me saying something as it is about making the other person feel heard.

- How to tie a fly. I just bought a book from Ovris called the "Fly-Tying Guide" that I'm really excited to spend time with in my garage in the evenings and weekends practicing different knots for fly fishing.

Things I'm struggling with

- Procrastination. This week, leading up to my Skillshare class, I feel like I'm back in grade school when I waited until the night before to do my entire science class project. I know a week seems like enough time, but I've really felt overwhelmed and honestly a little inadequate to even be teaching this class. But I am finding it helps if I can make myself a small, bite-size, list of things to accomplish in a single day. That way I don't feel the full weight of the project looming over my head.

- Comparing myself. It doesn't matter how many times I say it loud, I know that comparison is the thief of all joy. But just saying it doesn't do any good. It's really feels like an uphill battle to protect my heart from being completely overtaken by thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. It helps to remind myself that there will always be those ahead of me and behind me.

Things I'm inspired by

- Teamwork. Being a part of a great team makes all the difference in your attitude towards working. I've worked for some real A-Holes in my time, and then I've worked for some real gems. Our team at Potluck is one that I am thankful to be a part of and that truly inspires me to achieve greatness.

- iPhone photography. This may sound silly, but when VSCO released their updated app this week it was an instant game changer. Not just because it has flat design or whatever, but because they've taken a risk on building an entirely new platform to showcase your photos without adding all the fluff of social networking. And yes, the design is absolutely stunning and the filters are beautiful.