The Fog

Have you ever driven through thick fog before? I'm talking the really big fat heavy fog. The kind that makes you worry maybe you're the last person alive. This is where I feel I've been mentally the past few months. Just kind of wandering around without knowing where I am. But it wasn't until today that my eyes were opened to just how beautiful this foggy season of life really is.

Now, take that same big, fat fog and get out of your car. Suddenly you start to realize that everything is almost dreamlike. The ordinary has become beautiful. There is a certain mystery in the air that causes you to feel overwhelmed. It's all so breathtaking. Your heart is excited.

This is a much better place to be in the midst of the unknown. A place of holy expectation and gratitude. Just because we can't see doesn't mean He doesn't know. God does not hide the world in fog to confuse or scare us, but he covers the ground in fog for us to be in awe and be witness to His all-encompassing beauty.

So if you, like me, don't feel like you know what's right in front of you, take heart. There is comfort in knowing that God has not forsaken us, and more than that He is calling us to himself through the thickness of the fog.