Be Still

Sometimes, not often enough I feel, I get this stirring in my soul to write. Maybe it's only after I've walked through trials of my own and come out the other side that I only feel I have something smart to say. I don't know. But, what I do know is that in the midst of so much information on the internet today it's easy to give up before you even start. And if the past two years have taught me anything, it's this: life can only be lived one day at a time. So breath in deep the breathe that God has blessed us all with and don't worry about tomorrow, for today has enough troubles of its own. On another note. Today I received an envelope in the mail from my local Postmaster. Enclosed in said envelope was half, okay not even half, of a torn up check from one of my clients that somehow got lost within the great mystery that is the United States Postal Service. The check itself was already two weeks, but that's not the part the baffles me. On the back of this envelope, in a very informal tone, is printed 5 short paragraphs apologizing for the damage to my mail and how they know how important my mail is and blah, blah, blah.

But here's what I really wish to share with you. My gut instinct was to drive straight to the Post Office and give them a very big piece of my mind. I mean, who are THEY to mess with ME? Right? Does this sounds familiar to anyone else? And then it happened, The Lord very softly spoke to the storm upon the horizon of my soul and said, "Be Still." Who am I to judge another human being for something that was out of their control? Who am I to think that I deserve to have my mail delivered on a gold platter? Exactly, I am one that is called to extend forgiveness freely just as I am freely forgiven. I am one that is called to judge not, lest I be judged.

So this holiday season when you feel like you've been dealt an unjust hand, I urge you to step back and ask yourself: Who am I? And I pray that the love of The Father washes over you and speaks to your heart with the same gentle affection, Be Still.