On Work - Dare to Dream

I'm beginning to realize that whenever I sit down and work there are far greater forces at play than just simply working to produce a final product. I see it goes back long before we ever wake up in the morning, sip our coffee, and sit at our desks. I also see it spreads out long after the ink is dry and the great unveiling is over. No, much greater, our work is interwoven with childhood memories, past mistakes, future failures, romantic gestures, the days of our youth and the glory of our old age. But we don't, at least I don't, ever think about such things when the task is before us and we only have eyes for what's right in front of us.

Let us dare to dream. Let us get lost in what once was and what we hope will be. Let us not take anything for granted, but take everything as a chance to build better, improve upon and push our limits. We should not be tied down too much to any one persons opinions, whether good or bad, but instead leaning against the solid rock of our God-given intuition. We need to trust our guts more. We need to learn to look each other in the eye and tell the truth. Being nice isn't gonna change the world.

Clients (like wives) do not want a robot to do their bidding. They are looking for someone to carry their vision to new heights. Have an original thought! They need us to be visionaries and dreamers, whether they know it or not. If you are only interested in doing the minimum then go work for minimum wage. This business of what we like to call the "creative process" takes people willing to leave more on the table than what they have in their pockets. Doesn't matter if you use a camera, a pencil, or a hammer and nails, we owe it to ourselves to dream big and surround ourselves with other dreamers.