On Work - Failure

Let's be honest, failure is an option. Sometimes failure can even be just as important as succeeding. Not to say we should ever focus on failing, or even be happy when we do fail, but it's definitely worth reflecting on why it happened and what we can learn from it.

Those who say "failure is not an option" obviously have never tried something that scares them. Because for anyone who has attempted something that makes them a little on edge, then you know that failure is just a natural part of the process. Failing at something doesn't mean you didn't try hard. We should learn from our failures in hopes of 1. not repeating them and 2. doing better the next time.

Failure is also about perspective. I choose to believe that every experience in life, both good and bad,  is a stepping stone. Yes, even the times we fail at something we are moving forward. It takes just as much guts to try something and fail at it, as it does to try something and succeed. We can never know the end from the beginning. Isn't that why we get out of bed every morning? To try something new, even if we fail.