Twitter Mix CD Design

Twitter mixcd10 Vellum Insert A few weeks ago my fellow twitterer @ableparris posted a tweet asking if anyone was interested in doing a twitter mix cd.


And since I'm a huge lover of music and design I knew this would be a be a fun project to work on. So this weekend I finally had some room to breath, and with a little creative nudge from my friend Alex I got crackin' on my mix cd packaging design.

I wanted to keep things simple and consistent, but I didn't have a clear vision of how I wanted it to look. So as I began rummaging through my old book collection I came across the perfect solution. It was a book of bird illustrations I bought a couple years ago and had forgotten about until just then. It was perfect.

Twitter mixcd10 Album Detail

twitter mixcd10 single album detail

The insert of the packaging is a sleek contrast to the exterior. I created my playlist and overlay templates in Photoshop. Then I printed the playlist on graph paper and used a heavy-stock vellum paper to print the overlay on. The results turned out quite nice for using just an all-in-one printer. But that's just my awesome design skills in effect, well that and the fact that I used the Archer typeface. mmm...

You can view the full set on flickr here.

PS - I have one extra copy to give away. So if you are interested in getting your hands on one of these beauties, and like listening to good music, leave me your best comment below. I'll pick the winner this Friday (the 15th).

Congrats to Garth Humbert (@iamgarth) for winning the extra copy.