Go Play Canabalt


The Game

Maybe you've seen it, maybe you haven't, either way this new flash-based game from Adam Saltsman and Eric Johnson of Semi Secret Software is the definition of addicting. It makes me reminisce over the days of 8-bit graphics on my Nintendo.

Tips and Tricks

Tap quickly for a short, low jump; tap and hold for a long, high one.

Leap early, land early! This gives you more time to deal with obstacles and plan your next jump.

You blink. You die.

You can read the rest of tips and tricks over on the canabalting website.


Here are a few quick screen shots from the game.




In Review

My best performance to date is 4284 meters. Not to bad considering I just started playing last week. But I won't stop until I reach over 10,000 meters. Even then I think I'll still be hooked. But who can blame me? So if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you can buy canabalt for $2.99, or if you're iPhoneless like me, you can just sit in front of your computer for hours on end clicking the night away.

Now stop reading and GO PLAY CANABALT!