A Consistent Life

What’s the first thing you say when someone asks how you’re doing? If it’s at a social function, probably good, at church, maybe really good, and if it’s at work, I think busy is most common. Busy. We can sum up so much without saying a whole lot because we’re too busy to talk.

Well I believe that the words we speak hold more power than we give them credit for. And I don’t like listening to myself say how busy I am, as if I’m some boring business man. My life has more depth to it than how much work I have to do. I am not defined by my successes or failures.

So I’m going to work on changing my vocabulary from busy to consistent. I think the very word, consistent, has a nice ring to it. It makes me think of a river flowing or grass growing or the sun rising. Those things that aren’t very burdensome, but happen consistently every day. That’s how I want to live.