cover art

the blackthorn project

On Wednesday Tim Thornton (half of The Blackthorn Project) emailed me asking if I would be willing to design some album covers for a new collection of songs called "Simple Series" they will be offering on iTunes, as well as from their website. Here are two ideas I created for them:

The Blackthorn Project Simple Series Version 1

The Blackthorn Project Simple Series Version 2

They have decided to go with the first concept, as they like how the two birds represents them. And with each new volume they release, there will be slight variations to the cover art. Whether it's a new layout or just simple color changes, each one will be unique. So make sure you subscribe to their podcast below, even if it's just for the artwork. :)

But honestly, Tim and Laurie Thornton are two wonderful people who I have had the pleasure of meeting. Their music is made with a heartfelt passion for the Heavenly Father. If you would like to support The Blackthorn Project by purchasing their music, hosting them at your house, or simply giving them a donation please visit their website →

You can also subscribe to The Blackthorn Project Podcast