Droid Life

For almost the past two years I have been stranded on the sinking ship of the U.S.S. Blackberry. Last week I made the jump on to the rescue boat that is Android. But what should've been a quick decision actually took a lot longer than I had hoped. You see, I always like to do my research before buying any type of new technology. Plus I had been holding my breath for most of last year thinking that Apple was finally going to release the iPhone on Verizon. And now since the water is muddy from all the speculation I decided to set my sites on something new and head for "open" waters.

Why Droid

When I first started my new job here at Fellowship Tech one of my co-workers had just picked up the HTC Droid Incredible. It was all the rage. His persistence in showing me all the cool things that Droid can do started to pique my interests. So I began to take notice of Droid and even spent a few lunch hours at the Verizon store getting some hands-on experience. I spent time looking at reviews and write-ups about the Droid X and the new Samsung Fascinate. But what they both offered in style I didn't feel they offered in stability. They seem to be all looks and no brains, especially with the decision to put Bing as the default search for the Samsung Fascinate (That made my heart sink).

So since I want to stay on Verizon and have given up on Apple getting out of bed with AT&T I feel that Android is where the future starts.

Why the Droid 2

From all the reviews I read there was one phone that kept being quoted as the best Android phone on the market, and that was the original Droid by Motorolla. At first this took me by surprsie, if for no other reason because of the qwerty keyboard. And I only say that because I used to have the LG Chocolate, and it was one of the worst phones I've ever used. So with the Droid toting around it's full qwerty keyboard as a big selling point, I was a little hesitant. But when I got some hand-on experience with the Droid 2, I was impressed by the upgrades they made to it and how solid it felt in my hands. Unlike the Droid X it felt more durable. I didn't like that the Droid X made the menu buttons clickable and how the camera bevels out from the rest of the phone.

Overall, the Droid 2 is one solid phone with incredible speed and a fully reliable keyboard. Just in the past week I have already found the keyboard being incredibly useful when typing out an email or updating twitter. If you're in the market for a new phone and value function over form then I would recommend going Android. But I know haters gonna hate, especially you Apple fan boys, but I have no beef with you. I would probably already own an iPhone if I didn't love Verizon's service and network. So to you all I say let's all just be friends, a phone is just a phone not a social ranking device. BOOM!