Hire Joel Beukelman

JoelBeukelman In my attempt to continue to support the design community, I am copying this post in hopes that you will take part and pass the news. In today’s suffering economy many people and their families are paying the price caused by a decline in work or loosing their job all together. Is this fair? Of course not. Call it what it is, but I am wiling to play a part and do what I can to help a brother out.

Meet Joel Beukelman

Joel is a friend, passionate designer and a contributor to the design community. He is also looking for a new job. He’s a talented all around designer that specializes in Branding. His work speaks for itself. Oh yeah, he is also an incredible photographer as well. So if you're in need of one hit him up. Check out his portfolio, resume and design blog below:



Joel has alot to bring to the table and would be a valuable asset for any project or company. If you are in need of his skills hit him up, If not then I am asking you to pass this on and spread the word. It’s important we stick together and help each other out when needed.

Leave comments if you like, BUT PLEASE help spread the word! Hire Joel Beukelman!

Contact Joel

Email :: joel [at] whoisjoel [dot] com Skype :: joelbeukelman Facebook :: facebook.com/joelbeukelman Twitter :: twitter.com/joelbeukelman Flickr :: flickr.com/photos/2of12 LinkedIn :: linkedin.com/in/joelbeukelman