Simple Running

running-barefoot Forget what all the big shoe companies tell you, they're making promises they can't keep, and instead simplify the way you run while keeping a little more cash in your pocket. You don't need the new $150 pair of Nike's or [insert major shoe brand here] to help you run better, all you need are your feet and a path in front of you.

I'm a fan of minimalism and simple living, so it's only natural that once I heard about bare foot running my ears perked up. I heard about a story on NPR of this guy Chris McDougall who went to Mexico to study a tribe of Mexican Indians known as the Raramuri that have won 100 mile races with nothing more than a thin strip of leather tied to their feet. The more I read about this "barefooting" phenomena I am beginning to realize how much sense it makes. OF COURSE we should be running how God made us, with just the strength and endurance of our own feet.

Vibram FiveFingers

From that same interview on NPR I was reminded of the Vibram FiveFingers shoes. However, it wasn't the first time I had heard about them, my best friend got a pair for Christmas last year, at the time I laughed at him. But now it seems that he was on to something big.

Last Monday I went to register my wife and I for the 42nd annual Turkey Trot here in Dallas, and while at the shoe store I noticed they sold the Vibram shoes (if you can call them shoes). So after trying a pair on I knew these were what I wanted. Intrigued to simplify the way I run and to join the small group of "barefoot" runners, I made my purchase. The Vibram FiveFingers KSO series are beautifully simple.


My New Journey

Now since I've embraced minimal running, I am intrigued to get out there and meet other people who are interested and/or already doing it. I just signed up for an account on DailyMile to keep track of my running. If you're on there I'd love to connect with you.

Learn More

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