having a purpose

In Response to Zeldman

Yesterday I read this article, "Dirty Little Secret of Success", by Jeffrey Zeldman. It struck a nerve in me right away because it deals with the human condition and how that relates to being successful. But in my opinion Mr. Zeldman, with all do respect, you got it backwards.

I believe those with a fulfilled heart and a great sense of purpose can achieve more than those who are "broken" and seeking the approval of others. But then again I guess it all depends on how you define success. If it's in dollars and cents then I think you're missing the point. For me success is how much I love my family, the work I do and the God I serve. There are no standards except to do my best and give it my all.

Let me hear you

What do you think? How do you define success? Would you say we're all still broken people or a people with hope?