apple turnover

apple upside-down Let me begin by stating that I adore my iMac, macbook and iPod that I use on a daily basis.

Now with that out of the way, I feel that the apple decal sticker you get when you purchase an apple product has become a sort of status symbol. You've probably seen them popping up on more and more cars lately. (The worst case I've seen was used to cover the logo on a DELL laptop.) But why do I think this? Because the first time I put one on my car I felt a certain puff in my chest that said: "Hey! Everybody look at me. I'm so sophisticated and cool because I use a mac." That somehow because of this little apple sticker I knew something that the majority of people didn't. And I was better than them. I even felt sorry for people that didn't use a mac or worse, had never used a mac. I was holding macintosh up on this pedestal in my mind. (Sadly, I felt like this for a long time.)

But as of late, my opinion has changed about what that apple represents to me. I no longer feel bad/sorry for people who don't use a mac. Instead I recognize that for me, a mac is the best computer to use, but for others it may not be. (Even though I'll duel to the death that life on a mac is much more user-friendly than any pc available.) But take my Father for example, he called me late last year talking about getting a new computer. Of course my recommendation was to buy an apple, but he said he didn't need all the power that came along with it, as well as the price tag. Even though apple has come down in price, it's still hard to compete when you can buy a brand new laptop at Walmart for under $400. Sadly that's what he ended up getting, but for him it's all he needed (minus all the pre-loaded apps that comes fully loaded on his computer).

So what's the point here? I'm glad you asked. Last night I finally scraped off the apple sticker that adorned my back right window on my car, and this morning I replaced it with the same apple sticker, only I turned it upside down. And why did I do this? It's just my way of taking a stab at all those who use the apple logo as a status symbol. I guess you could say it's making fun of my arrogance. And more importantly, I hope it makes people think. Like I said, I love my apple products, but they don't define me.


Today I am celebrating the one-year anniversary at my job, aka my workiversary. Looking back on this past year I must admit I've reached a level of success that I didn't think possible. You see, when I left the military and my wife and I moved back home I had no clue as to what lie ahead. My only direction was the way that God was moving in my life. And when He said "yes" to me getting out of the military I didn't waste one second. Of course we had made preparations for our move back home, such as saving $10,000 and making plans to stay with friends until we found an apartment, but there was no job waiting for me. If there's one thing God has taught me though, it's that making preparation is just as important, if not more than, the actual manifestation of his promises.

So it was no surprise when the first job I took was working in the photo lab at Walgreens. That lasted mmm... less than a week, and with the famous last words "Thanks, but no thanks" coming from the manager, I gladly removed my vest and walked home. That was on a Friday, and I started at Half Price Books the following Monday. My month long stint at Half Price was enjoyable, I met some cool people and fulfilled one of my desires to always work at a bookstore. (FYI - it's just another job) But I knew something better still awaited me. And around the middle of September I got a call from a recruiter who knew of a company that was looking for a web designer. Let me back up and say that if it weren't for my friend and resume writing ninja, Sydney Smith, I would've never got that call. Thanks.

I think there are few times in life when you know, without a doubt, that The Lord has directed your steps and you are exactly where you need to be. My interview at WaveTwo was one of these moments. When talking casually with my future boss, John Arnott Sr., after my interview I came to find out that we did the exact same job in the military. Only his service preceded mine by a good thirty years. And that may not seem like much to the natural eye, but after I heard that something inside of me knew this was a perfect fit. Now a year later my knowledge of web design and development have far exceeded my expectations. Even having to work with Microsoft products has taught me to humble myself and my attitude towards those who aren't fortunate enough to know the joys of owning a mac.

So it's been a good great year for me. My only hope is that this next year is even better.