media temple

Minor updates

Just wanted to post a quick update about what's going on here at This past Friday I finally moved my site over to MediaTemple with great expectations. But things didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. On Saturday I migrated my site and came to find that I could only view my homepage, no other links would work, at all. So after some quick investigation I realized there was a permissions problem with my .htaccess file. Ok, boom, fixed that problem but my site was still lagging horribly. No kidding, I would have to wait at least a minute or two before my site would even load. I submitted a trouble ticket on Saturday and then Sunday ended up calling the 24/7 support desk at MT. I really didn't get much troubleshooting help besides being told to try and disable all plugins and see if that helps. Well it didn't. Fast forward to about 30 minutes ago when I just installed a fresh version of WP and imported all my old content back in. Everything was running smoothly until I uploaded my theme and tried to activate it that I found the real problem all along. There is something in my theme that is causing the huge lag time on my site. But since I am working on a new theme I just wanted to get something simple and clean up here in the mean time. Thanks to @iandstewart for the fantastic thematic theme. It provides me a very clean look while I finish up my brand new look behind the scenes.

So with all that said and done I am very happy to be on Media Temple. The increase in speed is quite noticeable over my old host, GoDaddy. And another plus I was able to get an extra $40 credited to my account for mentioning the code "TWEETLUV". So Now I can purchase my wife's domain name and get her set up with her own website. She'll be happy about that.

Updated January 13, 2010 - My site is no longer hosted with MediaTemple, but instead I am now in the awesome care of Firehost.