Why Are We So Blessed

Alone he walked up the downward slope, while steel and rubber passed him by. Not that good american steel either, but more of the foreign japanese/german kind.

What makes me different from this man I thought. Why am I afforded the luxury of air conditioning and not he? Are there certain choices we make? Is it a personal decision he had already made?

Often I think that no one else pays close attention. To the sky the birds or any simple pleasure. I guess that's why I noticed him today, and asked myself why am I so blessed?

in the eternal mind

eternal mindset I decided to take a detour from what I usually write about, and share something with you all that I don't do very often, which is my poetry. I used to write, a lot, about any and everything that was going on in my life. And through this writing I developed a love for free-flow writing which would sometimes turn in to poetry. Well these days I don't really have a lot of spare time to let my mind wander and write down what I'm thinking. But every once in a while I'll get inspired by a certain song I'm listening to or the weather or a specific memory.

What follows was inspired by listening to the album Bring Me Your Love by City and Colour.

At once will come a day when all our words are characters we no longer understand.

Yesterday is long forgotten in the eternal mind. Tomorrow is a hope that we can not quite secure.

Family members are pages in history that walk and talk and we can touch, but not so easy to judge.

I remember sitting on that old and dirty subway bench looking out over an ocean so big with a celebrated bridge to cross.

Even at our worst moments we are still better than when we were apart. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminiscing.

Thank you.