weekend update

This weekend was a lot more busy than usual, which in this case was a nice change of pace. On Friday night I met Josiah and some of his friends from Nectar up at the Dallas Museum of Art Late Nights event. It was a really good time considering I met Josiah online two days prior, but the guy is awesome. On Saturday I had the opportunity to take some photos for the one and only, Phillipp Scott. With the help of fellow friend and photographer Bob Hedlund with the studio lights, as this was my first time shooting with controlled lighting, I was able to pull off some great shots. Not to mention that Phillipp is in love with the camera.

You can view the full photo gallery on the Phillipp Scott flickr set.

Today, Sunday, I am hanging out at the 2008 Governor's Cup Tournament. My wife is really beginning to find her niche in roller derby, and I couldn't be happier for her. So I must return to the action. Hope everyone had a good weekend.