Magntize Your Life

magntize Formerly known as Nectar, the guys behind Magnt are an incredible crew of web sophisticates (is that even a real word?). Apart from knowing them personally, just seeing the work that they produce is enough to make me admire them. If you're interested in learning more about the team behind Magnt you can read an old interview I did with them.

The Lowdown

Pretty much their slogan says it all, "Beautiful websites that introduce you to the world". But if you don't believe me, then let me show you how easy it is to get yourself set up online with Magnt.

Sign up for free in seconds


Seriously it takes no more than entering in your email address and a password to get set up with your free account. Magnt has really stripped the sign up process down to the bare essentials, all the while keeping is super sexy and intelligent (it will tell you if you enter in an invalid email address).

Tell the world who you are


This next six steps are all available to you at your leisure. If you want to skip all six, go ahead, nobody is forcing you to fill out anything in order to get to your site. But I think you might want some content so when people see the hot new magntized version of yourself, they can recognize you.

Also, I suggest you utilize the "Keywords" on the site. They are there to help you describe yourself in brief snippets. Save the more lengthy description for the "About Me" section. Have fun with them. Don't take yourself too seriously, unless you're a serious person then by all means go for it. And if you're not good with words, don't worry, they're one step ahead of you. Type in any word in the "Need a better word?" field and watch the magic happen.

And if none of that still doesn't impress you, then maybe the way they've built the admin interface to sit on top of your site so there is no load time between editing your site and viewing your site should. I don't think I can describe all the programming that went on to make this happen, but I'm in awe with how simple and beautiful they made the whole thing work.

Go Pro


With a Pro account for just $9/month whereby you get your own custom domain, email forwarding, RSS feed, premium themes, mobile version of your site and have a downloadable resume, this is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a central hub on the web.

In Review

To sum it up, I'd definitely have to put the release of Magntize in my top three list for awesome new web apps in 2009. From engaging users on a simple level and allowing them to edit content on the fly, to beautifully designed themes and how seamless everything works. Magnt has really stepped up their game. So go sign up now and introduce yourself to the world.

3 sexy journal designs

In light of my recent contest to win a set of FIELD NOTES notebooks, see here, I've been inspired to pick up my journal once again and keep daily notes. Everything from simple to-do lists about work that needs to get done, to doodling, all the way to my next great idea that will change the world forever. So when I got word this morning from friend and fellow twitterer, Aaron Irizarry, about the "Design and designers you love" writing contest going on over at Designer-Daily I thought I'd show you my list of the top three sexiest journals you need to own.

Moleskin Journal

"The Legendary Notebook"

First off we have the classic Moleskin journal. This finely crafted beauty is one of the top selling journals worldwide. It's sleek, simple design is what first lured me in, as it has it's own gravitational force. But you can't judge this journal by it's cover alone, no you must own one to unveil the real beauty inside. The moleskin will always hold a special place on my bookshelf. And the best part about them is they are offered in a wide variety of styles, to suit anyone's wants or needs.

I have personally owned a few Moleskin journals over the years and they never let me down. Their durability and sleek design make it easy for me to carry them along with me wherever I go. The solid hardcover puts me at ease when it's squashed by tons of books or when my dogs try to get a hold of it. And the pages are of such fine quality that it makes me nervous to jot something down. I know that must sound weird, and maybe it's my OCD showing, but I'd rather preserve the beauty of it's blank pages than scribble something of no use. But that's what a journal is for, to get those thoughts, sometimes useless, out of our heads and on to the paper so we can get onto more productive thoughts. And the Moleskin let's you do this with ease and beauty.

Field Notes Journal

"I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now."

As the official quote for Field Notes journals you can rest assured that they aren't skimping on their quality. These little guys remind me of what an archeologist or detective from the mid 20th century might have used. They sport a very simple design and a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch binding. Not to mention that they are all made here in the U.S.A.. When you order off their website they are prompt to get your order out as soon as possible. (I received mine in less than a week.) And when it arrives in the mail in it's beautiful cardboard envelope you can find the following goods awaiting you:

  • Three 48-page memo books.
  • Each 3-1/2″ wide by 5-1/2″ tall.
  • Perfect 1-pica-graphed paper.
  • Pencil, Bic Clic Pen & other goodies.

Update: Since writing this post a month ago I have grown to love and adore my simple little Field Notes. They travel with me wherever I go, riding in my back pocket, just waiting until I get a new idea that I need to write down. And when I'm at work they sit patiently in front of me, waiting for the right time when I'll take a break from my computer, and commit to using pen and paper for a few moments. They hold up extremely well and the graph paper makes it great to keep lists and other to-do items. So far I'm still on the first of three notebooks, but I'm already excited about ordering more.

Rhodia Journal

"The French Orange (& Black) Notebooks with a Cult Following"

I must be honest, I've never actually owned a Rhodia journal, at least not yet. But just look at them. The iconic cover with it's boldface font and two fir trees screams "BUY ME!" to any self-respecting designer. Each notebook is filled with 80 sheets of 80 g acid-free white vellum paper. And the unique scored cover allows you to neatly fold your pages over the back. If you have ever used one of these before I'd love to hear your personal feedback on them.

Well there you have it. That's my list and I'm sticking to it. But please, if you know of any other great journals out there that you like I'd love to hear about them. Surely this isn't the end-all-be-all list of sexy journals. Or is it?