Branded Designers

Tattoo Designers Before I got my first tattoo I was told they were addictive. Everyone I knew that had a tattoo already would say something like, "once you get one you can't stop. It's a rush." And while I don't find this to be completely true, now that I've had mine for over a year I am ready to get a new one. I already have a few ideas in my head of what I want, but I thought what better way to get inspiration than to reach out to my fellow designers and see what they had to offer. And I must say, after a brief outreach to my fellow friends on twitter and flickr I am pleased with the response I got.

So here, without further ado, I present you with 9 wonderfully "branded" designers.

Aaron Irizarry -

Aaron Irizarry

The tattoos on my hands are my favorite because they are on my hands, and they are zombies. Both also have significant spiritual meaning to me.

The one holding the Anchor and sinking (right) is a constant reminder of the damaging/negative things I used to hold onto in life that brought me down (or caused me to sink), and that God freed me from those things/addictions/struggles. The one with the crown engulfed in flames (left) reminds me that in order to have victory in life whether spiritually, mentally, physically, etc... I have to endure the flames, and pass through the fire knowing that God is in control.

I love when there is a story behind a tattoo, it gives interesting perspective into people's lives and how they think creatively about their experiences.

Adelle Charles -

Adelle Charles

In all reality the "star" has no meaning besides that I like stars and I had always wanted to get some ink on my wrist - something simple and something that could be covered if needed.

Adelle is also in the works on a new tattoo and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of it. She says hopefully it should be "in ink" within the next month. And in my opinion it completely rocks.

Adelle's New Tattoo Preview

Angie Bowen -

Angie Bowen

I designed this tattoo to commemorate my husband and I going vegan a few years back. I wanted something small and simple so I decided to go with pure typography. It's an ambigram (meaning it looks exactly the same upside down and right side up).

April Hollex -

April Holle

The tree for me symbolizes wisdom, growth, strength, and being able to withstand the test of time and changing conditions. The gnarled bark reminding me that change is required to continue to grow.

The cherry blossoms symbolize the fragile, transient nature of life. The falling blossoms are for those I've lost during my life, my mother and my aunt, both strong women that have effected my life greatly.

While the tree was a huge part of the design of the full tattoo, the drawing of the tree was not planned before my session this evening. The artist hand drew this on my back within a matter of twenty minutes and perfectly captured what I wanted.

Chris Coyier -

Chris Coyier

It's a circle. The perfect idea. The perfect design. Contrast, balance, geometry. Line, shape, form. A circle doesn't say much, yet says it all.

David Aaron Hopper -

David Hopper

Each of these tattoos are Hebrew writing that represents one of the names of God represented in the Bible. The top is Jehovah-Mekadesh, which means "The Lord who sanctifies". The bottom is Jehovah-Nissi, "The Lord my Banner".

I got these to always remind me that God is there with me during my hard times. There to keep me strong and there to go before me into all the "battles" in my life.

Emily Lewis -

Emily Lewis

I have several tattoos, and I'd been wanting to get something on my inner right wrist. I came across an article in the February/March 2008 issue of Dynamic Graphics: "Punctuation: From Charlemagne to the Chicago Manual of Style." It featured the interrobang in several iterations. It just struck me then that would be the perfect tattoo to represent my love of punctuation in general, and my fondness for the interrobang specifically.

Graham Smith -

Graham Smith

Ever since I was a teenager, I had wanted a tattoo, but I certainly didn't want any kind of generic style, walk in, take a look at a catalogue, choose one then BAM. (One instant tattoo that you probably share with a 100 others.)

So I booked up several meetings with a local tattoo artist to go over the designs I sketched out, then he took and crafted them into what you see. It is based on the Eye of Ra, and the only area of colour is the eye, which was a brilliant hue of turquoise, just dulled a bit now. It takes up most of the upper arm, but it's been designed to wrap around and follow the curvature of the arm but also to finish before a standard t-shirt finishes. I wanted it to be obvious when wearing a vest or nothing, but when wearing a short sleeved smart shirt or t-shirt, to be mostly hidden. So this works well for me.

Jason Armstrong -

Jason Armstrong

At the beginning of the process of getting a tattoo, it was strange to look down at my skin and see it there, but the longer I've had it, the more it's really become a part of me. Now, I look at the rest of my skin as more of a blank canvas that *needs* to be filled. It just seems so right.

As for what it represents to me, I have always loved dragons. Having participated in martial arts, played Dungeons & Dragons when I was younger and read numerous books about them, I grew to appreciate them for what they represent as well as art. Dragons represent wisdom and to me personally the wisdom I am acquiring as I age. I am looking forward to getting a tiger on my left arm and shoulder to represent gradually leaving behind the impetuous and often angry child of my youth.

Thanks again to everyone that participated.

Personally, this was one of my favorite posts I have done. Even though it took me longer to put together than expected, I learned a few things about being persistent and following up with people (always a good area to grow in), and even making the tough decision to cut some people (Nothing personal).

And what about me? Here is a picture of my current tattoo (the top picture is when I first got it done in April last year and the bottom was taken this past August) and what it means to me. Hopefully now with all this inspiration I can begin putting together ideas for my next tattoo. Thanks again everyone.

Kyle Steed

Kyle Steed

I got this tattoo done while I was stationed in Japan. The last thing I wanted was another kanji character tattoo. (I never saw people in Japan with english words tattooed on themselves.) The guy who did it didn't speak a lick of english but boy did he understood tattoos. It took roughly about 3 hours to complete.

The main focus of the tattoo is a rampart lion within a shield, resembling a coat of arms. The text underneath it reads "Victoria Vero" which translates from Latin to "Victory in Truth". It's a symbol, a reminder for me that in my life there is always victory in truth, victory in Jesus.