the impossible project

Instant Film


This polaroid paper model by German artist Julia Guther is just beautiful. It totally captures the essence of how rare a polaroid is nowadays.

I remember when I first heard that polaroid was going to stop making film. My heart sank and my fists were raised. How could they betray me like this? So I, like any polaroid enthusiast, grabbed as much film as I could while it lasted. Then things got really quite. Sure there was speculation and even some great efforts to bring them back.

Then in 2008, along came the IMPOSSIBLE project. They bought the last remaining polaroid plant in the Netherlands along with all the original machinery on a 10-year lease. They’ve already released two new version of film, the PX-100 and PX-600. I have yet to buy any, but my finger is itching to pull the trigger.

With all this digital information floating around it’s nice to take a break from it all and shoot something tangible.