Bridging The Gap

This weekend I finally got the chance to fly to Temecula, California and meet/hang out with Aaron Irizarry and Garth Humbert. While out there I was able to attend the 2nd ever Collekt meetup and finally meet, in person, a few others I have been connecting with lately on tinychat. Getting to meet everyone in person really solidified my reasoning for starting Chat Creative. The desire these other creatives had to interact with one another was amazing, so much to the extent that our friend Nicho drove two hours to be there.

On top of all the great connections I made, I was able to find time to relax with Garth and his family. We took a trip down to Coronado Island by San Diego on Saturday afternoon. Getting to smell the ocean air and feel the cool breeze as we walked the beach was a real mind-clearer. To top it off, after the beach we went and visited Temecula Wine Country for a little wine tasting and dinner. Here are a few photos I took while down there. You can see more over on my flickr page.

Coronado Typography

Temecula Collekt Meetup

First time to eat In-N-Out

Thanks again to everyone that came out to the Collekt meetup. I am so pumped for what the future holds for Chat Creative, and all the connections we are making right now. This is just the beginning of a new generation of designers working with/for each other, not against.