When is my break

Yesterday while waiting in line at Subway to order lunch I was struck by the similar looks on each employees face working there. Each look said the same thing, "When is my break." Not only did their expressions speak loudly to this truth, but the way they performed their job and interacted with each customer. No joy, no enthusiasm, just doing it because they have to. And that's a damn shame.

But this isn't me pointing my finger and laughing at the people who work for minimum wage. That shit's hard, and sometimes it's all people can do. But no, I was struck by the thought that what is it these people "should" be doing instead. I mean, what are their dreams, passions, the things that keep them up at night? What could I bring up in conversation that would allow them to talk my ear off for a good hour or two? Those are the things they need to be doing. (And I hope they're pursuing them, or at least I hope they have someone in their lives that encourages them.)

Life is hard and we all know it. Some of us will work our whole lives at jobs we hate. I know this, I've seen my Dad do it. But now, more than ever, we have opportunities growing like wild fire to get out there and crush the norm under our feet. I think Gary Vee said this at his talk this year at SXSW, but it's like the California gold rush right now. We just need to be completely honest with ourselves and figure out what we're passionate about. I know I'm still searching my heart and figuring it out one day at a time.

It takes time. Slow down. Don't rush it. Make sure you take time to build a solid foundation. I came across this video this week and it inspired the crap out of me. If you have any creative bone in your body then it will speak to you as well.

The video is shot and narrated by photographer Zack Arias.