silent noise

I write because I want to. I don't have to tell you anything. But the term "transparent" is becoming more and more popular these days. Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Fried and Aaron Irizarry come to mind when I think of being transparent. But what we call the internet is really nothing more than a glorified mask that we wear to hide our true personalities. Meaning I can't convey to you a certain emotion or feeling without using a stupid emoticon. Sure a picture is worth a thousand words, and I respect the art form of photography. But what I'm saying is that we can't really get to know each other just over this digital medium. But Kyle, how can you say that? You met your wife on myspace and only met her 5 days (in person) before you tied the knot. Then call me crazy.

My Current State of Mind

So amidst all this noise online I have found myself being more silent lately. Turning more inward and focusing on my photography. Trying to figure out my place in this world. Wondering what really makes me successful and what hard work is really all about. I have this constant feeling that I'm right on the brink of something huge.


I'm looking forward to SXSW next week. Getting to see friends old and new. I'm preparing myself for the overwhelming sensation of that many nerds all in one place. But I'm expecting some seriously great times to be had. I won't be anywhere without my camera. Also, my good bud Chris Wallace will be launching his new themes company called UpThemes while we're there. So if you're going to be in Austin next Friday please come out and help us celebrate.

One last note

I'm really thankful for the friends I have made online. I only hope to strengthen those relationships by meeting you in person and sharing some coffee/beer and some good conversation.