Project 365 Week 07

The project continues to be a challenge for me. Some have said congrats on making it this far, and thank you, but I still can't imagine what it will feel like on something like day 229.

I was thinking about this the other night. With my dedication to this project, as well as my 52 Profiles project, plus working full-time and taking 7 hours of school, not to mention having a life outside of all this to spend time with my wife and friends, am I crazy? How can I possibly feel like I'm not accomplishing anything? Where is this leading me? What do I hope to gain from this?

In pursuing my passions I hope to find the answers.

Here are my three favorite shots from this past week.

Day 050 - Right Now

Day 050

Day 051

Day 051

Day 052 - Nothing out of the ordinary

Day 052

Until next week

Thank you so much to everyone who is commenting and sending your encouragements.