Everyone is not a photographer

The age of the internet and the iPhone has brought photography to the masses in a way not even George Eastman or Edwin H. Land could imagine. And that’s the problem. Now everyone thinks they’re a photographer. But what if the internet and the iPhone came with a hammer and nails, would that make everyone a carpenter? No, of course not, that’s a silly thing to imagine. It takes time and practice to become a carpenter. You spend many years training under the hand of an older/wiser teacher or wrestling your way through it on your own. But it’s never instant.

All the overnight sensationalism and instant gratification of the internet are nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

I’m speaking to myself here too. Even though I’ve been shooting photos for over 10 years now, I still wouldn’t consider myself a photographer. I like to dabble, sure, but I don’t pay my mortgage and feed my family on the pictures I take. I’m just a guy with an iPhone and instagram.

Project 365 Week 07

The project continues to be a challenge for me. Some have said congrats on making it this far, and thank you, but I still can't imagine what it will feel like on something like day 229.

I was thinking about this the other night. With my dedication to this project, as well as my 52 Profiles project, plus working full-time and taking 7 hours of school, not to mention having a life outside of all this to spend time with my wife and friends, am I crazy? How can I possibly feel like I'm not accomplishing anything? Where is this leading me? What do I hope to gain from this?

In pursuing my passions I hope to find the answers.

Here are my three favorite shots from this past week.

Day 050 - Right Now

Day 050

Day 051

Day 051

Day 052 - Nothing out of the ordinary

Day 052

Until next week

Thank you so much to everyone who is commenting and sending your encouragements.

Project 365 Week 06

I was bored with color this past week. When I first started taking photographs all I shot was black and white film. I think it's a good way to learn about light and composition, but I think it can also become a crutch. There is always a challenge with color.

So I was happy to take a break from color this week and just focus on the composition and lighting. I also did a little more post processing this week. After I saw a friend of mines work where he really pushed the greyscale in his photos I wanted to try the same effect. I'm not sure how to technically describe it, but to me it make the photo feel flat or like it has a matte finish.

Week 06 Favorites

Enjoy the black and white goodness.

Day 39 - Mono Chrome

Day 039

Day 40 - The Stress of My Modern Office

Day 040

Day 41 - The Window to My Soul

Day 041

Your feedback is appreciated

As always I'd love to hear what you think. A friend of mine told me this weekend that the only way to go is up. That's definitely an encouragement. It's hard to keep putting myself in front of the camera day after day. But I know when this year is over I will be proud to look back on this project and have the sense of accomplishing something great.

Project 365 Week 05

I'm working my way backwards this morning. Starting at the end and going back to the beginning. Sometimes that's the way I feel I'm living my life.

We're already in to the middle of February and it feels like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be but something big is about to happen. I've seen so many changes, good changes, happening all around me that I can't help but remain hopeful for something amazing about to unfold.

And some things have already begun to unfold themselves. Only time will tell.

Weekly Roundup

Here are my 3 favorite photos from this past week.

Day 034 - Untitled

Day 034

Day 035 - Good Nutrition

Day 035

Day 037 - Connection

Day 037

What Do You Think

Here's your chance to tell me what you think. Whether you hate it or love it, I'd like to hear from you. All feedback, when constructive, can only help me. Thanks to everyone who continues to support me and show me some love.

Project 365 Week 04

Wow! It's already been a month. I'm not going to act surprised or anything, this has been on my calendar for a while now. Doing these daily photos has really helped me appreciate each day, and each new challenge I am faced with. Usually the weeks just pass me by without warning, but having something I have to do each day really helps me stay focused.

The biggest change this week, which I think we can all agree on, was the loss of my beard. (So long old friend.) But like I said before, a happy wife is a happy life. (Well I didn't say it, but I heard it somewhere.)

Week 04 Roundup

So without further ado, here are my three favorite photos from this past week.

Day 25

Day 025

Day 28

Day 028

Day 31

Day 031

What do you think?

As always I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, critiques and/or questions. I'm open to all. And again, thank you to everyone who continues to show their support by retweeting and commenting. I love you guys. See you next week.

Project 365 Week 03

It's that time again. Yawn... Stretch... Zzz...

Is anyone else feeling the end of January being a bit sluggish? This past week felt more like a walk to school in the snow (uphill, both ways). And with the daunting feeling that what I'm doing doesn't really matter to anyone else but me, I've had a hard time staying focused. That statement is completely self-involved, I know, so I want to give a huge thanks to all of you who've been following me and leaving your comments, but I'm just being honest.

Flickr's quite a conundrum to me. I can't quite figure it out. There are so many different levels of users on flickr and on each level exists an immense amount of diversity. From top-notch professionals to modern hipsters to complete noobs, it's really quite an interesting mix of people. But the thing that I can't seem to put my finger on is how some people draw in hundreds, even thousands, of view and comments on their photos that to me seem mediocre. My problem is I want to be seen and be heard and be recognized, but that type of success doesn't come overnight.

The misleading part about the internet is that you can stumble on someone's music/photos/blog/whatever and instantly feel like you're a complete failure. The internet lacks all the blood, tears and sweat that goes in to making a name for yourself. So that's why I'm here, putting in day after day to track my life as I make a name for myself. Maybe I'll be something, maybe I'll be nothing. But whatever the outcome I hope it inspires someone.

Week 03 Roundup

So in keeping tradition, here are 3 of my favorite pics from the past week.

Day 19

Day 019

Day 22

Day 022

Day 24

Day 024

What Do You Think?

I'm always eager to hear your thoughts on my photos. Please leave your comments here or over on flickr. Thanks again to everyone who keeps retweeting and commenting, much love.