Project 365 Week 06

I was bored with color this past week. When I first started taking photographs all I shot was black and white film. I think it's a good way to learn about light and composition, but I think it can also become a crutch. There is always a challenge with color.

So I was happy to take a break from color this week and just focus on the composition and lighting. I also did a little more post processing this week. After I saw a friend of mines work where he really pushed the greyscale in his photos I wanted to try the same effect. I'm not sure how to technically describe it, but to me it make the photo feel flat or like it has a matte finish.

Week 06 Favorites

Enjoy the black and white goodness.

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Day 041

Your feedback is appreciated

As always I'd love to hear what you think. A friend of mine told me this weekend that the only way to go is up. That's definitely an encouragement. It's hard to keep putting myself in front of the camera day after day. But I know when this year is over I will be proud to look back on this project and have the sense of accomplishing something great.