The greatest investment

One of the greatest things I've learned about myself is that I really enjoy people. Not only getting to meet people, but getting to connect people also. My friend Tim Coons was telling me about this book The Tipping Point that describes the main factor in any new trend, people. The author places people into three basic categories: connectors mavens and salesmen. Now I won't attempt to delve into the explanations of each type, you can read for yourself if interested, but I am most certainly a maven. However, I think there is a little connector inside me as well. Because as much as I enjoy the sacredness of a few personal relationships, I also enjoy connecting people with other people on a much larger scale. This connector part of me really came to light last weekend at my art show. Seeing the response I got from people who turned out for the evening was overwhelming. I can't put into words how much it means to me to have the support of family and friends and even people I've never met before. But what I really thought was cool was seeing all these people getting introduced to other people who they've never met, and I believe that was the real success of the evening. My art, more or less, acted as a conduit for people to flow in and out of the coffee shop and bump into one another and make connections. Those connections are priceless because of the people. That's why I believe people are the greatest investment we can make.