Why I quit shooting

I know that title has a few different connotations, but I will be sticking to the topic of dribbble for this blog post. So if you were hoping for a story about why I stopped shooting heroin or playing some b-ball then feel free to go grab a root beer and enjoy the rest of your day. But if you're actually interested in reading why I've stopped posting my designs to dribbble then by all means you've found the right place on the internet. So welcome. It all started a couple months ago when I was preparing for a worship retreat in Colorado and I made a vow, for one week, to sit in silence any time I sat down to draw or design and see what happened without any auditory influence. What I found has now shifted my whole paradigm. And I know it's been there all along, whispering in my ear, pulling on my heartstrings. But not until I shut off the music could I really listen. The still small voice was speaking to me about my identity and where, or rather where not, to find it.

I know dribbble wasn't created to be a place where people find validation but it sure seemed to be heading that direction last I checked. And who could stop it from happening? With so many good design(er)s out there all coming together a popularity contest was bound to happen. Throw in the comments and you're sure to start a war of words. Throw in the ability to like something and there you go puffing up people's egos. I'm not being cynical, I'm just being honest, whether you agree with me or not.

So I packed my bags and headed home. I still love the design community though, please understand that. I believe that no man is an island and I need others around me just like you do. But I want the work I do to reflect who I am through and through, not by others comments and likes. It's tough though. And a process. I'm still walking it out day by day.

It's been over 2 months since I last posted anything to dribbble and I'm still breathing. I don't hope to influence you one way or another. Just wanted to share some of my life with you. Thanks for reading.