Charting my course

Finding ones own voice in the midst of a million other people is not an easy task. There are many mountains to climb and many valleys to walk through. But I don't think anything compares to that voice inside your head that makes you think you're not any good. It's the doubt that stands in the way for all of us most of the time. We have that "blank page" fear of starting something new. But if we never made the first mark then how would we know it's any good? Like riding a bike, so has it been for drawing in my life. As a child I loved to draw all the time, but growing up I found other things to keep me busy. So I didn't draw as much. Starting a journal was the best I could do at times. Making doodles on the edges of the paper. And not until a few years ago did I finally wake up to the reality that I am most comfortable with a pen in my hand. Just like riding a bike, it came back so natural for me.

My recent redesign of my website,, is more about who I am as a person than what I do as a designer.  I wanted/needed it to reflect who I am and still showcase the work I have done. But, for me, the work is secondary. My biggest challenge was making sure the work reflected who I am and not the other way around. Thus is the challenge in all things I do.

I feel like this is a major milestone in my journey as a designer. One that I will look back on 10 years from now with a smile on my face. It feels like I've climbed a mountain and now I can look out over the valleys below, catch my breath, and take in the beautiful sight. Surely I would be a fool to think this is the highest peak along my journey, I know harder and more rewarding challenges await, but for now I am happy with where my feet are standing.