The Consumer Church

It's not just good enough to buy Toms shoes to make a difference in this world. Faith without actions is dead works. It's that simple. God didn't give us brains and hearts to sit around and wait for some "voice from heaven" to come and tell us what to do. The world doesn't care if we follow our hearts, but we are depriving it of our gifts if we don't. The first step in any recovery program is admitting you have a problem. Well I'm here to admit I have a problem with us as the church. We say we care, yet we continue to spend millions of dollars on new buildings and lighting and sound equipment. We say we tithe, yet we continue to live in debt and live way beyond our means. Our sh*t stinks and the world knows it. We aren't fooling anyone.

But there is hope. I believe there is a major rebirth of artists going on right now within the church. As an artist myself I sense all this stuff welling up inside of me. It feels like the only way I can combat the selfish man inside of me. Making something is much more satisfying to me than buying something these days. And not just for myself, but for all humanity. I believe if we can raise up artists, respect them and let them contribute to the conversation then we might be surprised what will happen.