Face to face

The internet offers us so many new relationships on any given day. We can chat, tweet, skype, etc. to anyone in the world. But if you only ever stay behind a computer and don't make your way to meet up with anyone face-to-face, then you're missing the whole point. The whole value of the internet is people. But we can often lose sight of that with all the other distractions going on. I feel like I may be repeating myself here, but I don't care, people are the point. Not your stats, feeds, likes or whatever constantly has you checking your phone while you're out to dinner with another living, breathing human being.

Once we learn to rule our technology instead of letting it rule our day-to-day lives we will be much happier. The internet, in all it's vastness, is just another tool. It doesn't define us, never was meant to and could never contain what makes us who we are. The human heart pumps warm red blood through our veins, and we should respect that.