The Past Three Weeks

Keeping a blog post series going is not an easy task. Life is full of things to do and see. Who has time to write a blog anymore? Well I'm trying. I have a huge amount of gratitude for those of you that continue to spare five to ten minutes of your week and read my ramblings. For that I must say thank you. The past three weeks have been non-stop fun. The week leading up to my birthday I had a huge rush job to complete, eight illustrations for a new blog. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work in a small amount of time. But I enjoy a good challenge. Plus, I've worked with these guys before and they already knew my skill set would fit perfectly with this project. More than the work though, I learned a valuable lesson here: Just because someone gives you a figure for their budget doesn't mean you should lower your rate. By sticking to my guns and knowing my worth, I replied with a quote that was double their budget, and it was approved. Just further proves the old saying, "ask and you shall receive."

Then my birthday week was amazing, yes that's right, a whole week. My best friend, and co-founder at Folly, Matt flew in from Alabama to help me celebrate this new decade of life. We did what any responsible people would do on such occasion; drink, skate, ride bikes and grill. But that's not the whole story. My wife had an amazing surprise planned for my birthday, actually two amazing surprises. One was a dinner with friends at Union Bear. From which now I am the proud owner of a small fortune of scotch. And the second was an amazing evening out on a boat with a few close friends.


This brings us up to the present. I'm settling back in to the groove of things. Getting caught up on emails. Creating lots of cool new stuff. Remembering to keep my calendar up to date. Making a list of things to accomplish. Feeling like there's too much work. Feeling like there's not enough work. All the thoughts of things that happen in a day. So now, as I take in the last remaining sips of coffee I prepare myself for the day ahead. I hope you continue to work hard to pursue your passion. I hope you trust God to provide and give you peace in all things. I hope you enjoy life because we are never promised tomorrow.