A letter to my thirties

Dear thirty,

It's nice to finally meet you. I don't believe I've ever felt as good as I do right now. Working for myself doing what I love. Being married for six and a half years to a beautiful woman who loves me. If I look back to where I was ten years ago and compare it to where I am today I am in awe. It just goes to show you that a lot of hard work mixed with a little bit of faith makes for an incredible life.

I don't know what the next ten years will bring my way. But I'll be honest, I'm expecting nothing less than the best. Sure there will be challenges to overcome, but if life was easy then what would be the point? Plus I have awesome people that love me and support me that I can lean on. That's the most anyone could ask for I believe.

So now that you're here thirty I just want to say don't ever feel like you know it all. Remain humble and always ready to learn. Life is full of surprises and no one has it all figured out. Even those that act like it are doing just that, acting. Be true to yourself and laugh a lot.


Kyle Steed