Freelance Week #21

Here are some things I felt, learned and struggled with this past week: 1. Art is something that shouldn't have to be explained to enjoy, design is something that's irritating when not properly understood

2. I feel caught in between life as an artist and designer. My hope is that the artist wins out in the end.

3. I feel, more than ever before, the desire to start a family

On Art

I feel like I've always been aware of the world around me. I think that's important for an artist. To find beauty in the ordinary. To ask questions about the things we can't explain. But it's in finding one's own artistic voice that I've found to be most difficult. I still struggle with my own style. But you do something great every once in a while that let's you know you're making progress. And then you move on. Testing, failing, experimenting, working hard on your next big breakthrough. Right now I'm just working hard.

On Life

The grass always seems greener on the other side. For me, in this moment, it means looking over the fence at my friends in ATX or NYC working for cool companies, making great things and wondering what the hell I'm doing here in Dallas working for myself. But I have a vision, a goal if you will, that involves much greater things than the right here and now. And it's this goal, however uncertain at times, that keeps driving me to work harder and do better. I have to remember just one foot in front of the other.