How much is too much

What if we dared to believe that what we have right now is enough? I know contentment isn't generally associated with us who are creative. My friends even run a great blog about discontentment. It's like somewhere along the way we all agreed that this uneasy feeling inside, this need for something greater, was going to be our fuel. But when your fuel is only really an emotion then what happens when that emotion is gone? You can't run on fumes for long. So there has to be a better way, a more sustainable way. Contentment is key. Yes, Contentment. I think there's a greater place to live and work from. A place of fulfillment and firm foundations. Being content (or discontent) isn't dependent on our outer circumstances, it's an internal issue. You can't fix a problem by only addressing the symptoms, you have to find the root cause. But the struggle and the pain to get to the root is all worth it. Getting your heart in line first and allowing your emotions to follow is a better place to live life from.